Commercial Blackout Roller Shades darken rooms with opaque fabric in a variety of colors and styles. Made with Fire Rated (FR) and antimicrobial fabric, Commercial Blackout Shades are a perfect solution for industry spaces like hotels, hospitals and classrooms. Clean, modern styling and easy care make them ideal for commercial spaces and architecture.

✔ Darken rooms for guest and patient sleep quality

✔ Opaque fabric blocks view-through from the outside for privacy and enhanced safety

✔ Eliminate glare and darken rooms for media viewing and presentations*

✔ Decrease heat gain in warm weather

✔ Decrease interior heat loss in cold weather

*A small amount of light will come through the gaps between the fabric and the edges of the window. Choosing Outside Mount decreases the amount of light leakage.

Motorized or Manual Operation

Motorized: Choose simple shade control with a radio remote or wireless wall switch, or integrate our Somfy motors with automation platforms including most building automation and smart control systems.

Manual: Opt for our child-safe Cordless Spring or Clutch & Bead Chain operator.

Easy to Install

We make it clear and simple with our helpful guides and expert customer service.

What Sets Our Innovative Openings® Roller Shades Apart?

  • Made from premium materials
  • 40+ year track record making custom specialty shades
  • Manufactured and tested in our Colorado, USA production facility

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Product Details

Innovative Openings' Solar Screen shades control glare and heat entering into a room while allowing view through to the outside world. These shades feature a modern design and are perfect for upgrading dated blinds or adding subtle and sleek window treatments to newly built homes.

The solar screen fabric is specially woven to allow some light to come through the fabric. The openness percentage indicates the percentage of surface area on the fabric that that is open space between the woven strands. 1% openness lets the least amount of light and view through. 5% openness lets the most amount of light and view through. Similarly, lighter fabric colors reflect more light, giving a glowing appearance and allowing less view through the fabric. Darker colored fabrics absorb more light, allowing for clearer visibility through the fabric. Keep this in mind when selecting fabric types for each room.

Choose from beaded chain, cordless or battery motorized options for operating your shades. Motorized roller shades are also compatible with smart home automation systems, allowing you to control them with just a tap on your smartphone or through voice commands. Say goodbye to tangled cords and manual operation!

Installation is a breeze with the easy installation instructions. Simply mount the brackets and snap the shades into place. No need to hire a professional or spend hours figuring out complicated instructions.

Upgrade your window coverings with the Light Filtering Roller Shades and enjoy the perfect combination of style, privacy, and convenience. To order your custom roller shades, follow the measuring instructions and select the fabric, hardware and operating options that best fit your need. Please note, each window may have slightly different measurements, so measure each window separately to ensure a perfect fit. If you need help, please schedule a virtual consultation and our team will be happy to assist you with product and measurement questions.


Our Solar Screen Shade fabric is best for blocking the sun’s glare, heat, and UV without blocking the view.

Category Solar Screen Fabric Composition 24% Polyester, 76% PVC
Openness Factor 1%, 3%, & 5% Width 118" (300 cm) ±5 mm
UV Blockage Approximately 95-99% Thickness 0.024" (0.55 mm) ±5%
Weave style 2 x 2 Basketweave Weight 400 g/m2

Fire Classifications: NFPA 701
Anti-Microbial Properties: ASTM-G21
Certifications: GreenGuard Gold
Confidence in Textiles Oko-Tex
Environmental Benefits: RoHS – Lead Free

Care & Cleaning

Remove dust with a vacuum cleaner or compressed air. Clean with a sponge and warm soapy water using mild detergent. Rinse with clean water. Do not scrub. Do not use solvents or abrasives that could harm the coating of the fabric. Leave the blind down until completely dry. You may also very gently rub the fabric with a clean white pencil eraser to remove small stains.


Window Blind Cord Strangulation Risk: A damaged, loose, or missing tension device poses a strangulation risk to children, Remove from use and repair or replace if tension device is damaged, loose, or missing.

Riesgo de Estrangulamiento en Cuerdas de Persianas: Un dispositivo tensor dañado, suelto o ausente representa un riesgo de estrangulación para los niños. Retire del uso y arregle o reemplace si el dispositivo tensor está dañado, suelto o ausente.


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